UM campus information

Finding the conference site within campus

All conference lectures and events will be held at St John’s College (Google Map link). The SJC entrance on Ralph Campbell Road is very close to the Schultz Theatre, where all plenary lectures and one session will always take place and in the lobby of which coffee breaks will be held.

To go from the bus stop where all buses unload to the Schultz Theatre, you could for instance follow this path.

See a simplified campus map. On this map, St John’s College is highlighted in red, with the Schultz Theatre area appearing in orange; the yellow area near the bottom right is the university bus station; the building highlighted in green is the University Centre (see Other amenities on campus below); the building highlighted in blue is Machray Hall, home to the Science Library, and the Departments of Statistics (3rd floor) and Mathematics (4th and 5th floor).

Beware the geese!

The UM campus is currently home to nesting Canada geese and it is likely that some will still be nesting or nursing during the conference. For their and your safety, it is wise to give them some space. Normally, campus services alert to the presence of geese, but since geese tend to wander around..

Orientation within St John’s College

All plenaries will be held in the Schultz Theatre. One of the parallel session will also run there throughout the conference. The other one or two (depending on the day/time) session(s) will be held in a subset of rooms 118, 202 and 204.

See a map of the Schultz Theatre area, remainder of first floor of SJC and second floor of SJC.

Other amenities on campus

The University Centre is accessible easily from the Schultz Theatre either through the parkade (for the non-Canadians, this is a multistorey car park or parking garage) and has a few shops: bookstore, Starbucks, pharmacy/post office and small convenience store on the basement level, student cafe with pool tables and two students pubs on the third floor. You can also find a student union office selling bus tickets/cards here (at the basement level).

Note: the UM campus has a strange floor numbering system due to the fact that a large number of the buildings where teaching occurs are connected by an underground tunnel system. Because entry into buildings is often through tunnels, this level is considered the first floor even if it is technically a basement. So street level entry is at the “second” floor.

Getting to/leaving campus

The conference will be held on the Fort Garry (main) Campus of the University of Manitoba, located in the south end of the city.

Fast direct bus service is available from downtown to the Fort Garry Campus using the Blue Rapid Transit Line. Be careful to take a University of Manitoba destined bus, not one headed to Saint Norbert. Other bus lines connecting downtown to the campus are the 47 and the 60 lines. Bus lines also allow access to areas closer to the campus. You can use Google Maps or the Winnipeg Transit website to obtain bus information. Bus fares are $3.15 in cash (drivers do not give change) or $2.80 using tickets or e-cash (the latter requires to buy a $5.00 card).

To leave campus by bus, you will need to pick a stop. For instance, there are 3 buses going directly downtown: Blue, 47 and 60. The Blue has a dedicated stop, while the 47 and 60 are at another stop. There are two or three additional stops serving other lines. All stops are close to one another.